Only Seven Crypto Firms Authorized to Legally Operate in Thailand

  • 2018-08-16 06:49 AM
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The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced the names of seven cryptocurrency firms that have been authorized to legally operate in the country. Five of them are crypto exchanges; two are cryptocurrency dealers.

Seven Crypto Firms Authorized

The Thai SEC has announced the names of the cryptocurrency firms that have been authorized to operate in the country while their applications are being reviewed by the regulators. Seven firms, consisting of five crypto exchanges and two dealers, have been granted temporary approval to operate until their applications are either approved or denied.

Crypto exchanges that have been authorized are Bitcoin Co. Ltd. (BX), Bitkub Online Co. Ltd., Cash2coins Co. Ltd., Satang Corporation (Tdax), and Coin Asset. The two approved dealers are Coins TH Co. Ltd. and Digital Coin Limited (Thai WM).

Recently, Coin Asset unveiled a crypto ATM that can handle six cryptocurrencies and multiple fiat currencies. Coins TH was launched in 2014 by Filipino remittance company

Mr. Rapee Sucharitakul, Secretary-General of the Thai SEC, explained that cryptocurrency investing carries high risks. The Commission urges anyone being approached to invest in cryptocurrencies or crypto projects to first check whether those companies have been approved to legally operate in the country.

Why Seven? Two More Being Reviewed

Thailand’s crypto and initial coin offering (ICO) regulations went into effect on May 14. The Thai SEC, the main regulator of the country’s crypto industry, started accepting applications for licenses to operate crypto businesses in the country last month. reported last week that about 20 exchanges, 50 ICO projects, and five ICO portals have indicated interest in applying with the SEC.

Cryptocurrency firms that were operating in the country prior to May 14 could apply for a temporary license while their actual applications are being reviewed by the regulators. They had 90 days, until August 14, to apply.

On August 15 the SEC revealed that the seven companies above have applied and been granted temporary approval to operate until the regulators have either approved or rejected their applications.

In addition, the SEC is currently verifying two more crypto firms that claim to be in business prior to the enforcement of the regulations.

Other than the nine companies mentioned above, all other firms seeking to operate a crypto business in Thailand must obtain approval from the ministry of finance and the SEC before commencing a crypto business.

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